NFT Minting Platforms

Mirror helps writers turn their work into unique, monetisable digital assets


  • Not just for crypto topics, can create monetizable content on any topic
  • Cuts out middle men for many creative writers and journalists
  • Can run multiple monetization models from crowdfunding to creating a DAO


  • On Ethereum blockchain so minting costs can be high


  • Lets you mint your creative writeup and monetize them.
  • Can work as a direct monetizable blog
  • Establish a DAO
  • Crowdfunding
  • Auction
  • Revenue splits

Mirror.xyz is a decentralized blockchain and crypto-based publishing platform that allows writers to crowdfund their projects through the sale of NFT. The company was founded in October 2020 by Denis Nazarov. The platform is built on Ethereum and allows writers to publish and make money off of their projects by selling them as NFTs.

Mirror started out simply as a place for writers to mint their work as NFTs so they could better profit from it. However, as time has passed they have massively grown their offering. You still have the functionality to mint and profit from original work. However, you can now do so much more. Mirror is growing to become one of the best places for creators to leverage the power of a decentralised, community-driven creation project. You can - of course, create and auction original works.

But you can also now create DAOs, revenue splits from your assets to enable co-creation with others, and run token race's to airdrop collaboration tokens with others.

It's become a great location for NFT creators of all kinds to collaborate, mint, and profit from their work.

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