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Sandbox is a virtual environment where users can create, control, and monetize game experiences with non-fungible tokens.


  • Custom NFTs are possible for players.
  • Compatible with Ethereum's ecosystem and metaverse.
  • Copyright for life is sold by in-game asset developers.
  • Interoperable features were included in the design.


  • Ethereum's gas fees have skyrocketed, putting a cap on the amount of money you may spend on it.
  • Interoperability can be improved further.


  • Buy and sell NFTs
  • Multi-wallet support
  • Fixed-price sales

What is Sandbox?

Launched in 2021 by Arthur Madrid, Sandbox marketplace is a virtual environment where users are able to purchase tokens such as ASSETs, LANDs and GEMs. The marketplace represents the first step toward tokenizing voxel ASSETs. It also introduces artists to the blockchain by providing them with a decentralized non-fiat marketplace. The marketplace will allow for the exchange of tokenised ASSETs that can be used across several games and platforms.

Sandbox marketplace is based on the Ethereum blockchain and allows ASSET producers and owners to freely trade their assets. The SAND is the most often traded currency on the market. You must be connected to the Ethereum mainnet and have made an account on the sandbox website to access and utilize this marketplace. You can purchase and sell NFTs on the platform for $SAND once you've met these requirements, as long as you have a small amount of $ETH in your wallet for gas. 95 percent of the proceeds from all assets sold on the marketplace go to the vendor, while 5% goes to the Sandbox Creator and Game Maker Fund.

Entities, Equipment, Wearables, and Art are the four types of ASSETS available in the marketplace. Some of these categories are just decorative, while others bring value to your gaming experience. The Sandbox intends to expand the marketplace's categories in the future, including Blocks, Games, and Avatars.

The Marketplace contributes to the brand's aim of a genuinely open and decentralized marketplace. As of the time of writing, your assets must be approved by the marketplace curation team and you must be a member of the 'Creator Fund' in order to be published to the marketplace as NFTs.

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