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GHOSTMARKET is an NFT Marketplace where you can purchase collectibles based on the Phantasma and NEO blockchains.


  • Low fees
  • Easy to navigate user interface
  • Numerous variety of NFT collectibles


  • No fiat support


  • Buy, sell and trade NFT
  • Auction
  • Self Minting
  • Multi wallet support
  • High security


GHOSTMARKET, which has been in operation since 2020, is an NFT Marketplace where you can purchase collectibles based on the Phantasma and NEO blockchains. The Phantasma logo is a ghost, which is presumably why the marketplace is called GHOSTMARKET. The marketplace was created by Ghostdevs, a community of open-source developers in the Phantasma ecosystem.

To connect to the platform and use all of its features, you must have a NEO or a Phantasma wallet. You don't need a wallet if you just want to look at NFT-events like minting, transfer history, sale prices, and token listing dates.

GHOSTMARKET facilitates trades with a Phantasma native smart contract, and the marketplace is already compatible with every Phantasma NFT. A user can connect their wallet to the marketplace in seconds by using the Phantasma Link dApp connector, a backend service in the Phantasma ecosystem similar to that used by Metamask on Ethereum. Phantasma Link, in essence, serves as a dApp connector between the dApp, wallets, and the blockchain.

GHOSTMARKET is an excellent example of Phantasma Link in action because users can simply connect their Ecto or Poltergeist wallet, browse for their preferred NFTs, and confirm the purchase in their wallet. The process for users to be able to mint their own NFTs is essentially the same. A user is not required to grant the dApp access to their private keys. All they have to do is confirm the minting in their wallet, and the NFT will be delivered to it immediately. At launch, users can connect to GHOSTMARKET and begin trading NFTs with both Phantasma's user-friendly dual blockchain Poltergeist wallet and the Ecto Chrome extension wallet.

Phantasma has almost no transaction fees. Even bulk purchasing and selling is almost free. According to Phantasma, they support bulk buying or selling of up to 100 NFTs in a single transaction, with a transaction fee of only a few cents for the total of those 100 NFTs.

Furthermore, GHOSTMARKET is seamlessly integrated with the Pavillion game hub's desktop and web versions, and can automatically connect to a user's Pavillion Phantasma wallet. Users can even connect NEO wallets to the Pavillion-integrated version of GHOSTMARKET if they wish.

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