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Oasis Borrow is a digital platform for creating, saving, and exchanging Dai.


  • Extra liquidity: Because Dai is a stablecoin, users have access to more liquidity. This liquidity may be utilized for trading, spending, or saving, and all use cases are possible.
  • Different forms of collateral, rates, and collateral ratios are appropriate for various risk profiles.
  • Borrowers are safeguarded against flash crashes by having prices change only once every hour, according to an Oracle security module.
  • There are no repayment plans, minimum payments, or credit history criteria, and there are no repayment schedules, minimum payments, or credit history restrictions.


  • Oasis Trade does not currently accept non-ERC20 compliant crypto assets.
  • Oasis Trade features a few markets with extremely low liquidity.


  • Ethereum can be used as collateral to borrow Dai, which can then be used to buy more Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies for up to 2x multiples.
  • Only the Ethereum collateral type feature is available for trade in this first edition of Multiply. In the near future, more collateral choices will be available.
  • By utilizing Dai, Oasis may someday encompass activities done outside of Maker. As a result, deeper integrations with other DeFi projects will be available.
    Clients can examine their current Vault liquidation price and collateralization percentage before finalizing Dai generations, paybacks, collateral deposits, or withdrawals.
  • On each customer's user interface, Oasis keeps track of the "Liquidation Price."

What is Oasis?

Founded by Matt Mireles in 2016 , Oasis Borrow is a digital platform for creating, saving, and exchanging Dai, the world's first decentralized stable coin, which consists of three services: Borrow, Trade, and Save. Operators can produce Dai by securing collateral with the Multi-Collateral Dai Maker, which uses oracles to automatically determine the market price and provides a "max Dai Debt" figure, which represents the maximum amount of Dai that can be borrowed from the loan.

Oasis Borrow is the main point of entry for users that want to use the Maker protocol. Users can generate (borrow) Dai, the world's first user-created, unbiased money and leading decentralized, asset-backed stablecoin, through the Oasis.app platform.

Dai has a stable value that is gently tied to the US dollar and is totally decentralized, making it accessible to anybody, wherever. These and other blockchain advantages allow Dai to expand the power of traditional currency: it may be freely sent to others, used to pay for products and services, or saved in a smart contract.

The digital platform allows users to borrow Dai against any Maker-compatible collateral, such as ETH, WBTC, and a variety of other cryptocurrencies. 

Oasis Borrow is a totally free service. To pay for gas expenses, which are part of the Ethereum Network, users must have ETH. All Vaults are charged a stability fee (link to stability fee KB) by the Maker protocol; this money is paid to the Maker protocol, not to Oasis.app, and should be considered when borrowing Dai.

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