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WorldCoinIndex is a cryptocurrency source with price information and news.


  • Worldcoinindex has a beautiful interface with plenty of basic functions.
  • The real-time updater shades the data that is changing in green or red, indicating if it went up or down.
  • It's really easy to sort and find specific coins.


  • Not too friendly for new users


  • Price Chart
  • Market Cap

What is WorldcoinIndex?

WorldCoinIndex has been servicing the cryptocurrency community for almost eight years, having been founded in 2014. Multiple exchanges with variable prices and transaction volumes continue to divide the cryptocurrency ecosystem; WorldCoinIndex's main aim is to simplify the process of selecting the correct exchange at the right moment.

WorldCoinIndex has listed over 1500 cryptocurrencies and the platform is connected to more than 100 cryptocurrency exchanges and over 7000 cryptocurrency markets. All prices are denoted in BTC and 13 fiat currencies: USD, EUR, CNY, GBP, RUB, CAD, JPY, HKD, BRL, IDR, AUD, KRW, INR, TRY, and ZAR.

In addition to price information, WorldCoinIndex also supports quick access to key information of individual cryptocurrencies like their website, block explorer, forum, Twitter and Reddit feeds.

Regularly, the platform has added additional trading coins and functions to its list of cryptocurrency information offerings. WorldCoinIndex uses an average weighted price of all cryptocurrencies across all supported exchanges as the index calculation.

feedWorldCoinIndex is enhancing cryptocurrency market statistics in tandem with the maturation of blockchain technology and the growth of the cryptocurrency market. WorldCoinIndex provides real-time live stream pricing information.

The cryptocurrency market, which is gradually catching up to the norms of conventional stock and forex markets, requires the processing of real-time quotes. Real-time quotations are important for traders since even the smallest time delay between a published quote and the current reality can turn a lucrative deal into a loss. WorldCoinIndex is one of the most powerful cryptocurrency index tools on the market since it uses real-time data to improve its capacity to react swiftly and increase investment returns.

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