Cryptocurrency insurance

Unslashed is a crypto-safety protocol that covers all common risks associated with crypto assets


  • Unslashed is a very comprehensive product combined with a user-friendly intuitive interface
  • Unleashed is user intuitive for navigation and it is easy to jump from one screen to the next using the hyperlinks
  • Great customer support


  • Lack of analytical ability within the software.


  • Validator slashing
  • Stablecoin pegs
  • Wallet exploit
  • Custody risk
  • Oracle malfunction

What is Unslashed?

Unslashed finance is a London-based insurance service founded by Marouane Hajji in 2020.

The founding team extends to a group of individuals skilled in finance and blockchain such as Dimitry Remerov and Andy McEwan. The platform has an average yield of 24% and over $500m insured.

They provide security to institutions, DeFi users, and developers by protecting their assets and infrastructure against various threats.

Unslashed is a crypto-safety protocol that covers all common risks associated with crypto assets. It provides its users with instant liquidity for insurance buyers and risk-underwriters.

The platform also ensures constant collateralization and guarantees transparency through an impartial claims process. It allows maximum flexibility and freedom by tokenizing coverage and using money streaming. 

Users can pay as they please and can immediately stop the policy to sell it. Unslashed Finance provides coverage for a wide variety of products, markets, protocols, and markets. This protection and coverage is purchased by the user.

 It is also insured through other protocol participants who supply capital. The protocol uses the Unslashed DAO to provide the different policy parameters and protocol details. It also leverages integrations with Enzyme and Kleros for independent claims assessment.

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