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The first Solana NFT market place

Solsea fees

Solsea charges 3% marketplace fee on every successful transaction.


  • Low transaction cost
  • Sellers are able to list NFTs both privately and publicly
  • Fast and cheap minting process.


  • Its quite difficult to get collectibles verified


  • Creators can embed licenses directly in NFTs.
  • Calendar for future PFP and major NFT drops on Solana
  • Trades on Cryptocurrency.
  • Supported wallets are Phantom, Sollet and Solflare.
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What is SolSea?

Solsea is a digital NFT marketplace on Solana founded in 2017 by Anatoly Yakovenko with integrated minting. It also introduces NFTs with embedded licenses and rarity rank and supports FTX-Pay. It is a product of the All-Art Protocol.

Solsea is the first and largest NFT marketplace on Solana that allows creators to choose and attach licenses when they mint NFTs. It also keeps track of all the future drops enabling users to monitor, customize and optimize preferred NFT drops. Solsea allows it's members list NFT both privately and publicly, this supports peer to peer sales off marketplace.

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