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A marketplace for non-fungible token creators, sellers, and buyers meet to conduct business.

Rarible fees

Rarible charges 2.5% on every transaction for both the buyer and the seller.


  • Allows users not only buy and sell, but create NFTs
  • Rarible allows users  to change the price of an already created collectible at any time you wish for free.


  • Only supports tokens of Ethereum blockchain network


  • Creators earn royalties on sold NFTs.
  • Rarible leverages the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Rarible has a messaging feature  that allows users and creators to communicate.
  • The RARI governance token.
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What is Rarible?

Rarible Inc was launched in 2020 by co-founders Alexei Falin and Alexander Salnikov. It is an open-source NFT marketplace where any user can buy, mint and sell digital items. The ownership of these items is exchanged on the company’s online platform using Ethereum blockchain technology.

Rarible non-fungible tokens marketplace is a trusted, secure and easy to use platform where creators, sellers, and buyers come together to conduct business. For instance, the platform allows artists to create NFTs either to sell or keep. Similarly, it allows buyers to buy and hold on to or resell their NFT to make money. Rarible has a range of tokens split into various categories namely; art, photography, games, metaverses, music, domains, DeFi etc. It enables and simplifies the process of trading and distribution of all assets without needing a middleman.

Rarible lets it’s users earn royalties and rewards them with Rari tokens for buying NFTs, which gives governance rights on the platform. When a transaction goes through, both the buyer and the seller pays transaction fees. Transaction fees on Rarible are relatively low. The cryptocurrency of rarible is called rari.

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