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Paradice a provably fair crypto gambling site.


  • The games on Paradice are proven to be fair.
  • Paradice allows you to make unlimited withdrawals.
  • There is a small list of nations that are restricted.
  • There are free faucets available daily.


  • There is a limited number of games available


  • Dedicated support menu
  • Paradice offers unlimited withdrawals

What is Paradice?

Paradice is an online casino that launched in 2019. It was created with the Provably Fair Algorithm in mind as a way to introduce players to provably fair games. This simply means that it ensures bet transparency and enables the verification of each bet's calculations. A provably fair algorithm is used within Paradice to verify the fairness of all of the included games on offer. With the outcome of a game, the algorithm creates a unique, encrypted key that is delivered to each player. This, along with a secondary key, allows participants to independently check the fairness of a certain outcome within a game, resulting in a significantly higher level of transparency. In the case of Paradice, the system combines a player's Server Seed, a Client Seed, and a Nonce, which is the rate number, to generate a random number each time. 

The gambling site rewards users with different types of bonuses; The Rain is a bitcoin bonus gift that is randomly distributed to 10 to 15 players every 15 minutes. If a player actively chats and bets, they can boost their odds of receiving the bonus. It should be noted that in order to be eligible for this incentive, an account must be validated.

The faucet is essentially a daily bonus that a player can get numerous times during the day. The quantity of money collected from each faucet is determined by the player's VIP status. The fundamental amount of Faucet is 10 per 24 hours. 

The Regatta is essentially a wagering competition in which players compete for the most wagered bets in a given length of time. The highest bidders may be eligible for a prize from the regatta prize pool (0.002 BTC). Surprisingly, wagers in any currency are counted as progress toward a player's Waged amount rise.

Maximal bet in Paradice is calculated based on the winning result. The maximal win per bet is 5000 dollars equivalent in crypto this amount may be lowered for some players.


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