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KnownOrigin offers rare artworks by world class artists.

KnowOrigin fees

KnownOrigin charges 15% commisiion on transactions.


  • Allows artists to prove their rightful ownership of all digital art that they create
  • Provides a smart platform interface for all work products
  • The chain of custody is consistently and permanently maintained on all artwork
  • High level of security and transparency
  • Each piece of art is unique
  • History of the artwork can be viewed online by anyone.


  • High service commission


  • Multi-wallet support
  • Royalties
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What is knownOrigin?

The KnownOrigin platform is an online digital NFT platform based on Ethereum where designers, artists, and illustrators can mint, exhibit virtually, and sell their work.

Launched in 2018 by co-founders David Moore, Andy Gray and James Morgan, the platform prides itself on being artist-driven and creating an atmosphere where digital creators can easily thrive. Since its launch over 300 artists have been approved by the platform, with more than 4000 editions and 12,000 digital art sold out.

The platform  makes it easy for all creative professionals to create, showcase and sell the work they produce as verified digital assets. With Blockchain technology, KnownOrigin is able to authenticate and make ownership to digital assets possible.

KnownOrigin doesn’t support withdrawals or deposits through credit/debit cards or PayPal. Accordingly, a user needs to have a previous holding of the cryptos supported by the platform in order to be able to interact on the platform.

At KnownOrigin, users pay a service fee of 15.00% on on every transaction made, these fees excludes Ethereum gas fees that the Ethereum network requires in order to process transactions.

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