Domain Money

Crypto investing

Domain Money is a cryptocurrency and equity-backed investing platform.


  • Currently supports 47 different cryptocurrencies.
  • The actively managed funds have a proven track record, although one that is restricted.
  • The actively managed portfolios have no performance fee.
  • With a minimum of $5 deposit, the crypto trading cost is 1.49 percent.
  • Within the app, you can contact live customer service.


  • The Android app has yet to be released.
  • Many core features are unavailable.
  • Does not offer retirement accounts (like an IRA).
  • Only allows for equity and crypto holdings.
  • No interest earned on crypto holdings


  • Stock trading
  • Crypto trading
  • Actively managed Portfolios
  • High Security

What is Domain Money?

Domain Money is a platform that was founded in 2021 by Adam Dell and has recently grabbed the investment world by storm. It's a cryptocurrency and equity-backed investing platform. From a single massive platform, users can earn interest on their assets, borrow against them, and even spend cryptocurrencies. Its purpose is to simplify the entire investment process for its users while also ensuring that their funds are safe.

Domain Money functions as a Robo-advisor in part because it offers four pre-made investment strategies from which users can choose. So, while users can't make their own plan, they can still choose how much risk they take.

In a few aspects, Domain Money's actively managed funds, dubbed Strategies, are distinctive. For starters, strategies allow passive investors to invest without having to do their own study and selection. Only a select few brokers provide both self-directed and actively managed investment alternatives. Domain Money appeals to two distinct categories of investors by providing these possibilities.

Second, each Strategy includes at least 20% cryptocurrency, reflecting Domain Money's trust in blockchain's power. Most other full-service brokers only offer one or the other, so mixed crypto and stock account are uncommon. Domain Money's Strategies may appeal to crypto-curious investors, but those with a lesser risk appetite should avoid them.

Domain Money's Strategies work in a similar way to hedge fund portfolios, but without the high minimums and costs. Users can invest in the Domain Edge fund with just a $100 deposit. The Domain Access, Domain Metaverse, and Domain Balanced funds, however, demand a $500 minimum commitment. Domain Money's portfolios are easier to access than many hedge funds, which require $100,000 or more to participate.

In comparison to other actively managed portfolios, Domain Money's management charge is also far more transparent. Domain Money charges a flat annual fee of 1% of assets and does not impose a performance fee. This is better than the "two and twenty" hedge fund rule of thumb, which states that a fund manager may charge a 2% management fee plus a 2% performance fee.

Domain Money is considered a full-service broker because it provides managed portfolios. Rather than charging a commission for each trade, full-service brokers typically charge a percentage of the money they handle. Users who invest in one of Domain Money's Strategies will lose 1% of their investment each year.

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