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CryptoCompare provides institutional and retail investors cryptocurrency price data.


  • Highly educational content
  • Real-time crypto data analysis
  • Portfolio and follow functions


  • Not beginner friendly


  • Price Chart
  • Add to portfolio function
  • Educational materials

What is CryptoCompare?

CryptoCompare is a clearinghouse for clear and straightforward data, with unprecedented breadth, scale, and depth of information, bridging the gap between crypto-assets and traditional financial markets.

CryptoCompare, which was founded in 2014 by Charles hayter, is a global cryptocurrency market data source that provides institutional and retail investors with real-time, high-quality, trustworthy market and pricing data on more than 5,300 currencies and 240,000 currency pairs. CryptoCompare gives a complete, holistic overview of the market by combining and analyzing tick data from globally recognized exchanges and smoothly integrating diverse datasets in the cryptocurrency price. We create bitcoin transaction data, order book data, blockchain, and historical data, social data, reports, and a suite of cryptocurrency indices at a granular level.

However, there are other features, such as the ability to follow and add to a portfolio.

Users can retain selected coins in a specific customized list linked to their account by using the add to portfolio function. This unique function allows users to add a coin to their personalized portfolio, watch its price, and compare it to the rest of their portfolio to get a total portfolio value estimate. When you have coins scattered across different wallets and need to check the entire value of all of your assets, this is useful.

Apart from coin-related features, there is a large database of manuals and courses that are ideal for newcomers learning about cryptocurrencies. The guides on this site are well-written and cover just about every topic you can think of in the world of cryptocurrency.

CryptoCompare takes pride in the accuracy and breadth of its data, and it continues to invest in its technology and API to guarantee that its infrastructure remains stable, allowing both retail and institutional investors to execute their investment portfolios. CryptoCompare adheres to the most stringent data integrity standards, standardizing global sources to maintain market consistency and confidence. They frequently examine crypto exchanges, check for market misuse, and take regional abnormalities and geographical movements into account to protect the integrity of their data.

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