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Coinomi is a mobile cryptocurrency wallet that is designed to support a wide range of digital coins.


  • High security features
  • Private keys stored on users’ mobile devices
  • Integration with ShapeShift and Changelly exchanges for crypto trading
  • Zero charges
  • It supports IOS, Android and Desktop
  • Never been hacked
  • 24/7 live customer support


  • Coinomi is not regulated
  • Code is not open source
  • it does not support fiat currency
  • Being a mobile wallet, it is inherently insecure and open to malicious attacks


  • Built-in exchanges
  • Direct DEX Trading (token swaps)
  • Buying crypto via credit card
  • DApp and Web3 support
  • Access to DeFi applications
  • Multi lingual

What is Coinomi?

Founded in 2014 by George Kimionis, Coinomi is the oldest multi-chain wallet available, with millions of active users. Supports a total of 125 networks with 1700+ tokens and coins, and some of them can be transferred via SegWit to make transactions lighter.

The wallet is available to a wide array of users from multiple OS's and devices. It supports Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux. It initially started out exclusively as a mobile wallet, but then, the developers have made efforts in the past few years to launch desktop clients as well making it easily accessible across platforms. Additionally,  with the wallets partnership with Simplex users can buy crypto directly from their wallets.

Coinomi lets its users swap assets  between hundreds and thousands of pairs instantly through strategic partners and DEXies. It offers also a 24/7 live support 

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