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Broad Financial is a self directed IRA company that offers a wide range of investment opportunities.

The maintenance fees for any of these accounts are charged quarterly, which is far lower than the rates levied by most competitors. Let's look at each account's costs one by one. You'll pay a $100 setup cost and a $75 quarterly custodian fee if you choose the self-directed IRA plan. You'll pay a startup cost of $1295 and a quarterly account maintenance fee of $75 when you open a self-directed IRA with a checkbook control account. You can apply for an LLC if you have a self-directed IRA with a checkbook control account.


  • No minimum investment
  • No flat-rate fees
  • Self-trade options
  • Broad Financial has a variety of Self-Directed IRAs to choose from.
  • They can help you manage a variety of alternative assets, including bitcoin, tax liens, private businesses, real estate, gold, and more.
  • Because of their scale and scope, they can cut out the custodial middlemen, making them a cost-effective option.
  • Traditional or Roth IRA format
  • Can invest in any cryptocurrency
  • There are many types of self-directed IRAs at your disposal.
  • The Broad Financial platform is user-friendly and fun to navigate.


  • It doesn't give details about other cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin.
  • Not suitable for investors that need middleman assistance to make the right investment decisions.


  • Rollover of Funds
  • Checkbook Control
  • Dedicated Client Support Team
  • Alternative Asset Expertise
  • Self Directed Investing One-Stop-Shop

What is Broad Financial?

Broad Financial is New Yorkers' go-to financial firm established in 2004, with dozens of lucrative investment possibilities for aspiring retirees and other investors. It is currently one of the industry's leaders in self-directed retirement savings. The firm provides the most sophisticated and versatile single 401k programs on the market. Broad Financial is aimed at investors who want to diversify their portfolio by investing in assets like private firm stock, real estate, and private loans.

The investing platform does provide a tailored investment experience by avoiding the hefty Wall Street costs associated with other financial investment firms. The platform gives users the choice of managing both their personal checking accounts and their retirement savings. By eliminating the complicated and lengthy process of investing in an IRA, the company has made it easier and more enjoyable.

Without paying asset or transaction fees, users can invest in Bitcoin IRAs, golds, real estate, and other investment alternatives in the Broad financial catalog using the checkbook control method. You simply write a check, which is subsequently routed to the investment portfolio of your choice.

Additionally, Users have the flexibility to transfer or rollover money from their IRA plan or retirement account whenever they want. Rollover and transfer options are accessible whether you have a Roth IRA, SEP IRA, 403b, or 401K account.

Broad Financial allows users to diversify their investment portfolios according to their preferences. Real estate, personal loans, tax liens, and foreclosures are all viable investment choices. Multiple investment options give you more flexibility when it comes to making investment selections.

Users can open up to three IRA accounts with Broad Financial. The classic self-directed IRA account is the first account you can open. Every transaction you make with this account incurs costs, which vary depending on the asset or security. The checkbook IRA account requires more effort to set up. You'll need to form an LLC to use this type of account. When you opt to diversify your investment portfolio, you won't require the services of a custodian. The Solo 401k plan is the final account type, which allows investors to choose from a variety of investing possibilities rather than simply Wall Street.

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