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A completely decentralized Crypto exchange

Bisq fees

  • 0.001 BTC makers/ takers fee
  • 0.0003 mining fee


  • The platform is Decentralized
  • Payment options are extended
  • App available for all devices
  • Easy to use


  • Slow transaction speed
  • Low trading volume


  • Never hold fund
  • Data stored locally on disc and never sent to central server
  • Open source code

Originally known as “Bitsquare”, Bisq is a decentralized bitcoin exchange network that enables secure, private and censorship-resistant exchange of bitcoin for fiat currencies and other cryptocurrencies over the internet.

Established in 2014 by Manfred Karrer, Bisq does not have direct control of the platform, making it very secure for the users to trade on the platform. Its network is fully peer to peer, it requires no centrally-controlled servers and has no single point of failure.

Bisq is a cross-platform application that allows anyone to buy and sell bitcoin in exchange for Fiat currencies and other cryptocurrencies. With Bisq trading protocol, individuals can exchange directly with one another over the internet, eliminating the need for trusted third party exchange services. Bisq is a peer-to-peer network formed by Bisq applications discovering, connecting to, and working with one another to implement the Bisq trading protocol.

The Bisq network is fully peer-to-peer in that it requires no centrally-controlled servers and has no single points of failure.

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