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A game NFT marketplace to collect, breed, and trade Axies

Axieinfinity fees

Charges Sellers 4.25% marketplaces fee


  • One of the most succesful NFT based video game
  • Earn while playing
  • Potential way to earn legitimate crypto


  • Quite expensive for new members
  • Accepts only Axie infinity and Ethereum as only valid means of payment
  • Must buy 3 Axies to play a game.


  • Multi wallet support
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What is Axieinfinity?

Developed by Sky Marvis in 2018, Axieinfinity is an online gaming platform that is described as a trading and battling game which enables participants to earn tokens by contributing to the ecosystem or through gameplay.

Axie Infinity is a digitalized  NFT gaming metaverse built around collectible pets that can be bred to create offspring and sold, reproduced, or used in battle. In Axie, players earn cryptos which can be exchanged for fiat cash as a reward for playing games.

Buyers need not worry about transaction fees as the platform charges sellers 4.25% marketplace fees on any sold item.

The Marketplace platform does not support PayPal or Credit Card purchases. Since it uses the Ethereum network, the transactions are carried out through the use of Ethereum (ETH). The platform recommends the Metamask wallet for smaller transactions or exchanges like Coinbase or Binance for larger transactions.

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