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AtomicHub allows any unique and original artworks to be listed on its platform


  • AtomicHub successfully mediates transactions between the creators and the buyer perfectly with no hitches of any sort
  • There is no confusion regarding fiat currency considering the transactions are in concrete WAX tokens
  • The statistics of any digital art piece, sales, and other information are presented to the viewer in a neat and accessible format


  • Accepts only WAX Tokens
  • Only registered  and verified members can transact on the platform.


  • Multi wallet support
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What is AtomicHub?

Launched in 2020 by a group of blockchain enthusiasts known as the Pink Network, AtomicHub Marketplace is part of the larger ecosystem of the Atomic project.

It provides a platform for buying, selling, and trading of NFTs. Anyone can use the platform to tokenize and create digital assets for auction. AtomicHub is one of the largest NFT marketplace with over 700,000 traders and trades worth more than 150 million dollars since its launch.

The marketplace allows any uniquely created and original artworks to be listed on its platform, it automatically deducts 2% of the total price of sold assets as platform commission. Additional fees like royalty or blockchain fees are also applicable. However, this is deducted directly from the sales price instead of being levied as an additional charge to the sales price. AtomicHub marketplace supports only WAX tokens.

The main aim of AtomicHub’s venture is to make NFT transactions easier and accessible to everyone. This ensures good listings of verified products, attractive deals, a smart contract system to certify each and every transaction, and above all, the authenticity of each and every product would be verified.

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