Crypto lending and payments

By offering extremely flexible immediate loans that repay themselves over time, Alchemix allows you to reinvent the potential of DeFi.


  • Users Earn future yield
  • The loan amount is automatically repaid.
  • Easy to navigate
  • Connects easily with external wallets


  • Supports few cryptocurrencies


  • Vaults
  • Transmuter
  • Alchemix DOA
  • Token distribution

What is Alchemix?

Alchemix finance is a community DAO and synthetic asset platform with a future yield through a synthetic token that reflects a fungible claim on any underlying collateral in the Alchemix protocol.

It was founded in 2021 by pseudonymous developers led by Scoopy Trooples, and it grants users advances on yield farming through a synthetic token that reflects a fungible claim on any underlying collateral in the Alchemix protocol.

The DAO backs projects that will benefit both the Alchemix ecosystem and the Ethereum community at large. The Alchemix team is committed to the values of a fair launch. The Alchemix system was developed independently for the whole time leading up to its launch, and the team took no money or tokens from outside investors. Those who contribute to the protocol should, we believe, receive the majority of tokens.

Alchemix Finance is a synthetic asset lending platform that makes use of a synthetic currency to help farmers increase their yields. This coin reflects fungible claims on an underlying mortgage on the Alchemix platform.

The platform is one of the fastest-growing DeFi lending protocols, providing borrowers and lenders with an innovative and fascinating way of paying and repaying crypto loans automatically. It then repays its debtors using the interest collected on the deposits.

Alchemix now allows traders to deposit crypto DAI stablecoins, which are then used to mint or generate the stable coin alUSD. Traders who deposit 2 DAI as collateral can only borrow 1 alUSD. Every DAI deposited in the Alchemix smart contract is sent to the Yearn vault, where users may instantly begin receiving yield. This yield is perhaps the most intriguing aspect of Alchemix because they can repay the mortgage automatically. The Farm, Vaults, ALCX Token, Transmuter, DAO, and many other lending features are available to Alchemix customers.

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